Testimonials from Real People

Anthony Fasano, KC Chiefs:
Entering college at Notre Dame and the NFL "Angelo's conditioning program gave me the athletic tools needed to excel on the field and remaining injury free."

Jay Kennedy, Two Time Player Of The Year @ Baltusrol Golf Club:
When Angelo and his staff came to Baltusrol Golf Club in 2010, I was the first to stand on opening day and offer to be a pupil under the Top 100 Instructor, Jason Carbone and the new Golf Performance Program at the center. One year later i was Player of the year and successfully defended the following year. "I am truly a believer that the most important club, is the body and its connection to the swing."

Victoria Lager, Univerity of Oklahoma Women's Golfer:

Thank you Angelo and Peter for all the work you have done with me. All the hard training paid off and lead me to contribute to the Big 12 University Women's Championship. " Took home the #1 Title."   

Texlin Quinney, WNBA Indiana Fever:
"After coming back from ACL reconstructive surgery, Angelo’s performance training program, made me more explosive & quicker than ever."

Griffin Marcus, Blair Academy Attackman:
I want to thank the rehab staff for succussfully getting me back on the lacrosse field after having ACL reconstruction surgery.  

Parents of Kiley Malmberg, US Kids Golfer
"Since our daughter has been exposed to the Junior Golf Long Term Athletic Development program, she placed 3rd at the Desert Shootout and earning an invitation to the 2014 Workd Championships in Pinehurst, NC." Big Thanks to Mike Adams and Angelo Scarpati!
Jim Buccini:
"Thanks to the staff @ OPTPI for being well versed in leading edge therapies, that after 8 sessions the pain I was experiencing has abolished."

Alex Otero, Yale Lacrosse Player:
"Thank you for getting back to the field after my ACL reconstructive surgery. Your rehab approach was cutting edge, making more stable, stronger, quicker & explosive than ever."


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Nutrition Corner

Carbohydrate consumption can alter energy dynamics and disease progression in the body.
All carbohydrates we consume are digested into monosaccharides or simple sugars before they’re absorbed by the body, regardless of whether the food source is a simple sugar cube or a high-fibre, low glycemic index bowl of oatmeal. It’s just that the “healthier carbs” are digested and absorbed much slower while the “non-healthy” carbs are digested very quickly.
* A slower carbohydrate breakdown from lower glycemic carbohydrates is better for satiety, blood sugar, and body composition. These carbohydrates are found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains.
* Rapid digestion of simpler, higher-glycemic carbohydrates is beneficial during the pre- and post-workout periods.
The average person’s minimum carbohydrate intake should be 130 grams per day, with a majority coming from vegetables and fruits. Higher amounts of carbohydrates are needed with increased muscle mass and increased physical activity levels. However, excessive carbohydrate consumption will be stored for future use (as fat or glycogen).
Consume at least 25 grams of fibre per day from vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains to ensure optimal health and body composition.